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New York City Physics Team

About Us

Here's our team and how we work!

The Founders
Meet the two co-founders of the NYC Physics Team, Andrew Binder and Alvin Li.
Andrew Binder

Andrew has been extremely passionate about physics from a young age and was surprised to see that there was no official physics team at Stuyvesant High School of all schools. A current senior, Andrew co-founded the team last year in an attempt to boost awareness for physics in one of NYC's top schools. After seeing the remarkable success with the Stuyvesant Physics Team in its first year, Andrew was driven to take it one step further and involve schools all over NYC to start a citywide team.

Alvin Li

Alvin, another person extremely passionate about physics, was also interested to see no physics team at Stuyvesant High School, and so he co-founded it to bring together those who liked physics. A current junior, he still has one more year to go as captain. Along with Andrew, after seeing the overwhelming success of the team, Alvin also helped in creating the NYC Physics Team.

The Coach
Meet the coach of the team, Dr. Mikhail Kagan.
Dr. Mikhail Kagan

Dr. Mikhail Kagan has been the coach of team Einstein at the Stuyvesant Physics Team for the past two years, and we hope to have him on board for the NYC Physics Team as well!

Member Schools
Meet the schools that make up the NYC Physics Team here.

Stuyvesant High School didn't have its own physics team until September 2019, when Andrew Binder and Alvin Li co-founded it together. It is also the first school to join this citywide coalition, and has broguht over dozens of passionate physics students.

Brooklyn Technical HIgh School

Several students from the Brooklyn Technical High School have expressed interest in joining this citywide initiative, and we hope to have them on our team next year!