New York City Physics Team

Member Schools

Meet the member schools of our team!

Hello and welcome! This is the New York City Physics Team, home of all high school students who enjoy physics in New York City.
Who Are We?
We are the NYC Physics Team, containing all those who wish to study physics at a deeper level than the standard curriculum. We have everyone, from freshmen to seniors coming from various boroughs and high schools, and teach all those wish to learn.
Our Mission
Here, we strive to prepare students for physics contests such as the F=ma, PUPC, PhysicsBowl, USAPhO, and more. We teach at an accelerated pace and cover most topics in basic mechanics, as well as a few introductory topics in Electricity and Magnetism.
Our Resources
We use several different textbooks as solid background and theoretical preparation, as well as pre-prepared lecture notes, all available in the Resources tab.
Important Dates
Here are some important dates for contests and other things:
Dates Events Info
February 18, 2021 F=ma Held online at 4PM. Registration info TBD.
TBD USAPhO Qualify from F=ma to participate!